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Virgins over the Atlantic

As a traveler, you have lots of options when it comes to flying. Too many options, some might say. And there is always the sneaking suspicion that the online travel agencies have some kind of hocus pocus to steer you down the wrong path.

It is true that online travel agencies do have complex algorithms to sort the best options for you and I mentioned the delays if the travel resellers didn’t have that technology. Statistics say that, according to the latest estimates, there are approximately 100,000 flights per day.  That’s a lot of competition for your hard-earned cash.

So what can you do to get the best deal? Obviously, do your homework, but other strategies are to look at the airlines that “offer something different” that sweetens the pot for you. One airline might feature extreme luxury – Emirates for example. Another might be the absolute lowest price: in Europe that would be Ryanair.

But, here, we’re targeting an option in the middle in thie pack, and one that may not often be on the top of everyone’s list – and that’s Virgin Airlines.

Virgin offers a rather sweet product that has another level of comfort and amenities, but doesn’t empty your pocket. It’s the Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy tariff. It offers a “cut above” service without breaking the bank. Watch the video below, courtesy of the always delightful Steve Marsh.

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