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Matouring is a web site that is a news and information digest as well as a trip planning tool. We scour the globe for features, information, articles and news that we think the mature traveler might find interesting. And, of course, we create our own content, too.

We believe that life can be fun, and so, we take a lighter approach to our content and our tone of voice. It can be irreverent at times, but we hope that you like what we have to offer.

And of course, feel free to contribute to Matouring if the moment strikes you.

We both love to travel, but we find that many of the travel sites are often targeted towards a different demographic.  We are of that the age where we are still lithe and active enough to get around easily, but many of the web sites that we find online tend to be focused towards people under the age of 30.  We also feel that sometimes below a certain age are lumped into a specific group that may not necessarily reflect who they really are.  We still like many of the things that we liked when we were young and many of those things still translate into today’s society.  So, Matouring is our take on a website for matures who are resolutely “not dead yet.”

So, with that in mind, we created Matouring.

Well, we don’t think that it’s a matter of choosing us instead of amother site. We think it’s more of the matter that our site is focused on people of a certain age, with certain desires that accompany that age. There are many, many travel sites, most of them excellent, but they seem to target a different demographic than we do. Matouring enables mature travelers To find the content and the offers that they find appealing, without having to search all over the web.

That’s a tough one.  Likely, we would have to say no.  We love so many places and so many things about those places.  As mentioned in our bio, we have traveled or lived in over 30 countries.  There are too many good things in each and every one of those countries to allow us to pick a favorite.

That being said, it might be easy, if not cheeky, to say that thenext place we’re going to visit is our new favourite place.

I think that it would be – leave your fears at home and go enjoy the world as if it were your home. Every time you travel, you discover something new, or experience something different. Travel enough times and this feeling almost becomes a drug. You can’t wait for your next trip, your next fantastic new location or incredible meal, or the unforgettable chance to help someone less fortunate than you.

Sure, once in awhile you may encounter the situation is that it’s confusing or undesirable.  But, overall you’ll find that with the right disposition, the right sense of curiosity and an open and welcoming approach to meeting new people and experiencing new situations, all of your travels will be joyful and memorable.

We’re Vivi and John and we live in Vancouver Canada.  Both of us are professionals- John in IT, and Vivi in medicine.

Vivi is a Physician who has managed international hospital services for over 30 years and focuses on patient wellness. She has managed hospitals as well as broad reaching health programs.  For pleasure, she enjoys manga and graphic novels and aspires to create some, herself.

John has had decades of experience working for large corporations which featured travel all around the globe, so he has vast experience it be in different places.  Much of his background has been building and managing web presences for companies such as General Electric, Orbitz/Expedia, Vodafone and Razorfish.  In his spare time, John likes to do very little, but mostly to annoy his family and friends with awful memes.

Having been fortunate enough to lead good lives, we both feel strongly about finding ways of giving back.  As part of Matouring, we offer the ability for our users to donate to worthy causes.  We will feature some of our preferred organizations, but are always willing to include others.  We ask that you and your friends visit the site, if for no other reason than to help us with this initiative.  Let us know of charities that you think might be relevant and we will do our best to include them.

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