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Take a seat. Any seat.

Boarding a plane is certainly one of the most aggravating aspects of travel, especially as we are (at this writing) coming out of the Covid-19 debacle, still with traces of that horrible pandemic lingering around every corner, restaurant or jam-packed concert. Much of the travel industry was rendered useless at that time; here’s hoping that lessons were well-learned about disaster recovery. One of those annoying elements of travel is the waiting: it’s the hardest part.

Long lines at the check-in counter, security checkpoints, and boarding gate, baggage handling can be tedious and time-consuming. Overcrowded waiting areas can be uncomfortable, especially when there’s limited seating or space to move around. Delays can disrupt travel plans and lead to extended wait times at the airport. Disorganization and confusion when boarding groups are called can create chaos, with passengers jockeying for position in line. The list goes on and on. Surely one of the most exasperating events is seating assignments: Being assigned a less desirable seat, such as a middle seat or one with limited legroom, can make the flight less enjoyable.

But, interestingly, did you know that there is an airline that actually uses unallocated seating. And, it appears to work. Have a look at Southwest airlines (our affiliate friends) clever way to manage humanity. Watch the video below.

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