Japanese Pod hotel

Take a look at the Nine Hours Capsule Designer by Naruse Inokuma Architects in Osaka, Japan. Would you stay in one of these for the night? Read more courtesy of The Architectural Times.com  

No camping for you

Campsites in B.C. provincial parks will be closed to people from outside the province this summer, as officials continue to adjust the rules to the coronavirus pandemic. BC Parks said in a statement on Thursday that non-B.C. residents who already have reservations should call before June 15 to cancel and receive a full refund. Read more courtesy of CBC.CA  

Hiding giants

Danish artist Thomas Dambo creates larger than life sculptures hidden around his hometown of Copenhagen. His sculptures require secret poems and clues in order to locate them. He says each has its own treasure map or poem engraved into stone to steer people onto unfamiliar paths where they’ll discover them. Read more courtesy of CanYouActually.com  

Ancient Rome for all ages

Do you devour every documentary on the ancient world you can find? Or are you simply fascinated by the Ancient Romans and ready to learn more? This is the best way to begin! One of the most rewarding aspects of learning about Ancient Rome is recognizing the immense influence it has on our daily lives. Here’s your chance to hear…

The Blonde Hedgehog

You’ll almost certainly be familiar with the Channel Island’s main settlements, Jersey and Guernsey. They’re famous for their handsome cattle and the unctuous, buttercup coloured milk they produce. But there are three others – Sark, Herm, and Alderney. While the first two are trickier for tourists, Alderney is a precious, hidden gem. Three square miles of white sand beaches, rocky…

Remember earth?

Remember Google Earth? Many years ago, it was on everyone’s lips.  Oooh and ahhhh. But then it all seemed to go quiet. Perhaps it’s time for another look.  Not only is it dazzling technology, but it can also be very useful in your holiday planning. See more courtesy of GoogleEarth.com  

Parking in Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia, is a slice of paradise with snow-capped coastal mountains, old-growth rainforest, and sandy beaches along its shore. It is no surprise that this city, with all its natural beauty, has plenty of parks for all to enjoy. Read more courtesy of TravelAwaits.com  

Remember Earth?

Many years ago, people were besotted with Google Earth.  It was on everyone’s lips. But then it all seemed to go quiet. It’s probably time you hade another look.  Not only is it still spectacular, but – in typical Google fashion – loads of new functionality has been added.  The 3D renderings are rather impressive. Many of the features can…

Eiffel Tower – ride to the top

Full coverage of the Eiffel Tower from the base to a 360 view on the top floor including two 150m elevator rides to the 300 height view-deck. Turn on subtitles for an immersive descriptive virtual tour!  

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live

Sharon and I were both late to the Harry Potter phenomenon. It took a good friend of ours to get us hooked on the books (he had a trick of loaning the first book to people as something of a “gateway drug” to get them started). I can even remember the day I read the first book. Read more courtesy…


I studied abroad in Greece my first semester of college. It was not my first trip to Europe, but the semester was my first time in Greece or Eastern Europe. Studying in Thessaloniki, Greece, I was just under a four drive from the capital of Bulgaria, so I needed to take a trip to try Bulgarian food. Read more courtesy…

Less brutal events

It’s well known that the Romans constructed hundreds of amphitheaters across their vast empire. These marvels of architecture can be found in Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. Among them, the Pula Arena is one of the best-preserved. It’s also the 6th largest amphitheater still standing and the only arena to retain its four side towers. Read more courtesy…

The psychedelic hill

Ohio is an unusual state. In pop culture, it is typically portrayed as being rural and quiet. Locals know that the opposite is often true, especially when it comes to hauntings and local lore. One of the weirdest rumors you might hear floating around is the existence of a gravity hill near Cleveland, where a car in neutral will appear…

None shall pass

While Deloitte, as administrator, seeks to find new money to restart the carrier, it’s also going to be restructuring the airline’s debts.  Since Virgin Australia reportedly owes about US$10 million to the Perth airport in unpaid fees, the airport decided to block a Boeing 737-800 from taking off as a way of physically securing their claim – using a bulldozer.…

Vin Route

There’s nothing quite like the freedom that comes with taking to the open road for an epic adventure. But for RV and campervan enthusiasts, one of the trickier aspects of a trip can be finding a spot to settle down for the night. With that in mind, US-based company Harvest Hosts has assembled a bespoke list of unique camping experiences…

A first for Asia!

Southeast Asia is one of the most magical regions on earth. Filled with stunning beaches, historic temples, verdant jungles and bustling cities, there’s something for every traveler there. But staying healthy and safe is something to consider when visiting a region so different from your own, especially for the first time. Things like visa requirements, best times to visit, currency…

I would walk 500 miles

As it turns out, meetings and hangouts aren’t the only activities you can do online; you can travel around the world, too.  The coronavirus pandemic has led to widespread lockdowns in major cities across the globe, forcing many to cancel their travel plans, as well as temporarily shuttering museums, theme parks, and popular tourist attractions….. Read more courtesy of ApartmentTherapy.com 

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