Ancient Rome for all ages

Do you devour every documentary on the ancient world you can find? Or are you simply fascinated by the Ancient Romans and ready to learn more? This is the best way to begin! One of the most rewarding aspects of learning about Ancient Rome is recognizing the immense influence it has on our daily lives. Here’s your chance to hear…

You can be Hadrian, virtually

This long distance footpath is unique because it follows a World Heritage Site. Hadrian built the Wall to separate the Roman Empire from the barbarians. It is a complex structure with curtain wall, milecastles, turrets, ditches and forts. Walking the Path is logistically easier if the east-west route is followed. The Path that mainly follows the Wall has cityscape, farmland,…

This is specific: abandoned cement kilns

There’s a hike In Pennsylvania that leads you straight To abandoned cement kilns Abandoned places in Pennsylvania often give us unique glimpses into the past Whether we stumble upon the remains of a former POW Camp in Michaux State Forest or the remnants of a former factory at Dead Man’s Hollow Conservation Area. If you’re on the hunt for a…

Remember earth?

Remember Google Earth? Many years ago, it was on everyone’s lips.  Oooh and ahhhh. But then it all seemed to go quiet. Perhaps it’s time for another look.  Not only is it dazzling technology, but it can also be very useful in your holiday planning. See more courtesy of  

Eiffel Tower – ride to the top

Full coverage of the Eiffel Tower from the base to a 360 view on the top floor including two 150m elevator rides to the 300 height view-deck. Turn on subtitles for an immersive descriptive virtual tour!  

You’re virtually in Winnipeg.

You may not be here physically, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit Winnipeg…virtually. Exhibits and attractions are now providing virtual tours of their facilities, while we also have some enticing sneak-previews of blockbuster attractions set to open once things return to (the new) normal. So without further ado, welcome to (virtual) Winnipeg. We know you’ll enjoy your visit (remotely),…

Warm regards

The Telegraph (UK) was the first foreign media outlet to visit the Chernobyl control room, a few dozen feet away from the reactor that blew up and would become one of the worst nuclear disasters in history. Read more courtesy of The

A self-isolation silver lining?

Behind the unprecedented disruption of routine life by the recent coronavirus could lie one of the most profound transformations of our lives: closer connections, greater happiness, and a healthier relationship to work. Despite the anxiety, fear, and illness that is likely to touch each of our lives, there may be a silver lining once we’re on the other side, according…

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