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The island where you really want to be

When you think of island holidays, usually Polynesia or the Pacific Ocean leaps into your mind first and foremost, for obvious reasons. Who doesn’t love a sunny holiday, where the most effort that you need to expend is just to roll over in the sand?

But, as you relax on that beach, you may find that the sun is unusually hot. Maybe too hot. Hotter than you remember. That’s called global warming, and it is not a joke. It’s real and it’s happening. Just look at the news. And we need to do something about it. (We always mention Democracy Now if you want to stay on top of our changing world – click here to watch every day on YouTube.)

But, there are some who are taking it seriously and – no surprise – it’s the smart Nordic people, as usual. So here, not a lot of people know the tiny island of Bornholm, Denmark. But it may be the greenest island in the world. It has turned its economy around by investing in sustainable business and is set to become one of the first carbon neutral islands in the world. Watch this video courtesy of DW Planet A.

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