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Let’s go back into time, Japanese style

If you’re of a certain age (like us,) you may long for places or things that remind you of when you were young. In our case, we have a sweet spot for the 1960s. Just last night (for Valentine’s Day,) Mr. and Mrs. Matouring ventured to a place here in Vancouver to try a bit of history . . . and some scrumptious food. Originally started in 1956 (!) the Kamei Royale Downtown restaurant is still chugging along. To our eyes, it looks like it hasn’t changed much in all that time – and we are totally OK with that. The expansive menu spreads over nearly eight pages, and you’ll probably need a glass or two of sake just to calm your nerves before you order – it’s that comprehensive. The staff are made up of all ages, and are fast, polite, sweet, accommodating and a joy to interact with. There’s a fully-stocked bar that looks like it would fit right into any Tiki bar, worldwide.

Vancouver has no shortage of Japanese / sushi restaurants, but this is something special. Click here.

The food is scrumptious and the menu is vast. Vegetarian options are a bit limited, though.
If you just can’t step away from your sports, they have a wide screen just for you.

The Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront is a not far from the restaurant. Amazing sea views. Click here.

The Vancouver Hop-on Hop-off bus is the way to see the city. Click here to book.

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