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Noise annoys

As they say, nothing succeeds like excess. And combine that with persistence, and you’ve got a winner. But it can be annoying, and sometimes over the top, as is the case here.

Living near an airport has its challenges. If you love flying and planes (like we do) it’s less of a problem. In fact, where we live, we often have jets flying over all day long. That makes your editor squeal like a child when a Boeing 747 or an Airbus A380 or, most of all, a Saab 340 or 2000 wings its way over our neck of the woods.

But not everybody feels that way. In Dublin, Ireland, one person who lives near the airport filed over 23,000 complaints in 2022. 23,000! That’s 63 per day, every day. The figures show a spike in the number of people making complaints after the new runway opened in late August, with more than 900 cases reported by 192 individuals in September.

Maybe the airline should offer the person free air tickets. Or maybe I should move into his house. Read more about the saga here courtesy of

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