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Seoul hole

When something secret shows up in the most public of places.

It’s no news that, many many years ago, Korea was divided into two; South Korea and North Korea. (If your history of this period is sketchy, the country was split apart primarily as a result of the end of World War II and the subsequent actions of the Allied powers. The division of Korea occurred in 1945, and it was initially intended to be a temporary arrangement, but it ultimately led to the creation of two separate Korean states: North Korea and South Korea. Much of the “hidden secret” of all of the machinations that went on to break up the country into two has remained a mystery, as it often the case when the governments have free rein and no filters.

As a result of these factors, Korea remains divided to this day, with North Korea (officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) and South Korea (officially known as the Republic of Korea) as separate and distinct entities. The Korean Peninsula has been a longstanding geopolitical hotspot, and efforts to achieve reunification and resolve the division continue, but progress has been slow and challenging due to the deep-seated political, ideological, and security issues involved.

But, recently, some discoveries have started peeling away the layers of enigma that were part of that turbulent period, where South Korean became the powerhouse that we know, while North Korea has retreated into it’s own world – literally – where “The West” is not welcome. Watch the video, above and behold the tunnels that separated – and connected – a torn country. You can also read more here courtesy of The Guardian.

So close and yet so far

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