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The state of the nation’s

No, that is not an horrific typo on our part; we know “well English.” Instead, it is an eye-catching headline that will likely pique the interest of our readers who live the good old USA. It’s a big place, America, with lots of stuff, and so many of its citizens have the ways and means to travel: they’re very lucky in that respect. And, if you have any basic knowledge of America, you’ll know that each of the 50 states are as different as chalk and cheese. Some are rich, rich, rich. Others, not so much And that is the state of the nation, as it were. But, after that titillating intro, you’re probably doing one of two things: a: wondering what we’re talking or b: wondering who the big stars are in the USA.

You may even wonder where we’re going with this post, and that is a smashing coincidence. Wondering where we’re going also leads to wondering where you will be going next. And, in a happy collision of the fates, this post features one of our fave travel affiliate companies, Going. You might know them in their previous moniker, Scott’s Cheap Flights, but they rebranded some months back. And here we feature them again as they pull out the calculators and maps, do the hard math and give you the best US airlines for cheap flights.

They write: In the past 12 months, we’ve sent thousands of deals to members departing from nearly 200 US airports. We found those deals available on 97 different international and US-based airlines. You might be wondering which airline is most likely to offer a great deal on flights from your state. While there are so many variables, and making broad generalizations can mean missing out on some great deals, there are some lessons to be learned from the data. Read more here and see how much you can save. Don’t forget that Going are a subscription service (click here to sign up, so you’ll need to sign up – money well spent! – to see their content.)

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