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Luxury for all!

Why should the rich be the only ones who get in on all of the good things in life? Well, yes, of course, they’re rich. But why does that matter? Yes, you’re right, I understand that their riches often pay for the luxuries that us Hoi polloi have. Fine, so they are the ones with the factories that build our cars or our ships or our planes that we use to fly from here to there and back . . . but that’s the life they chose, or were bequeathed by their Hapsburg families so many decades ago. Some of us minions will just need to resign ourselves to the fact that there will always be haves and have-nots.

It's a 40,000 foot party X 2!

Until now. Here we launch back into our usual patois of showing the world to you, and – more important – how to get around that world. If you’re one of our followers, you’ll know, probably to the point of annoyance that we love tech, and nothing thrills us more than aircraft. And no aircraft thrills us even more than Airbus jets – specifically the Airbus A380.

We write about it all the time. We’ve been on a Boeing 474 before, but not the A380, sadly. Due to the size, complexity and expense of this flying behemoth, it is not always practical to put in back in the air. Some airlines – Emirates being one- still use them regularly, but this once-in-a lifetime experience usually is reserved for the wealthy. And London startup Global has big ambitions with their A380 offering. Keep an eye on them.

But what if an airline came along that was all A380? What if us everyday folk could hop on to this most rare example and take it as we please? London’s Global is ramping up the service to offer this again. May the winds be at your back, Global! But, let’s go one step further and consider an all A380 low-cost carrier. One of our top sites on the internet is and, here they’re pondering that very idea. Watch the video below to get your pulse racing, and your fingers poised on the keyboard to buy your tickets. If only . . .

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