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Room with a Vroooom!

We love cars, although we’re sensible enough to know that their place (as it is now) on earth is not helping the environment at all. Having lived in and experienced a number of locations in the world, even as the earth burns, we still see six litre pickup trucks and supercars trundling (and sometimes racing) down our street. We have to wonder if the owners are even listening to the news about the earth. I guess we can mumble and grumble, but we need to think hard about this.

At least we can say that the auto manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve their products, with Europe and Asia leading the way. We’re always thankful that our 1.3 litre European sedan is as comfortable as any other car on the road, gets excellent economy and is packed with every feature that you could possibly want (other than a chauffeur.)

So, after that hippy-esque, but well-meaning monologue, we going to flip the table over and talk about something that is all of that. If you’re a car buff, you will certainly know the brand McLaren. Known mostly for Formula 1 racing, they also build some rather mind-boggling cars for the road, too. Their factory and Technology Centre just outside of London UK is now open for tours, and the actual building itself will bedazzle you. Click here to book. And, when you’ve finished there, Mercedes-Benz also has a gorgeous showroom / museum a short distance away. Petrol-head heaven!

And, to complete the day, visit the fantastic nearby Brooklands Museum. More cars! Click here.

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