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The little reactor that couldn’t

Where do we even start with this one? Good intentions, excellent execution, a sound business plan and then . . pfft. Nothing. Nada, Nunca. Zwentendorf  is a nuclear power reactor in Austria  in the Austrian state of Lower Austria. It was decided that the region needed a power plant. Nuclear seems to be the obvious solution. The conception, planning and final construction of this top technology power plant was something to behold, and example of how it should be done. But, they never flipped on the switches to fire it up. After all that time and all of those Euros, why did this happen? And why should you be interested? You’ll certainly be interested to know that you can visit this plant, and also the lovely surroundings of the town. To learn more, watch the video first. Learn more about the plant itself, here.

The ever-curious Tom Scott ventured his way to Austria to find out more about this curious “folly.” Watch the video above to get to the bottom of the story . . and the reactor.

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