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More and more, we have more. The 10 Best Airports in Africa.

A topic we often highlight – billionaires – is high on everyone’s list nowadays , especially if you live inside TicTok. Achieving that amount of money was only a dream for most entrepreneurs even ten years ago. But, thanks to the connected world of the internet coupled with the sheer creativity of those who strive, big things happen. (We raise our eyebrows and wonder about some the the so-called 12 year-old billionaires that keep surfacing. Caveat emptor is our motto.

But, back to the point. Money is genuinely flowing globally now and we can witness it, up close and personal (as they say) when you take a look at our real subject to today – Africa. Most of us know of its troubled past and its current Herculean efforts to join the rest of the world’s population and all that that brings. And one yardstick for success is travel to and from a country. The days have passed when we think of “third world” countries as having dirt runways and three planes with their single airport.

So, watch the video below to see how far things have actually come. Here, we feature the Top Ten best airports in Africa. And with players such as Cape Town International Airport in South Africa, Hamad International Airport in Qatar, Marrakesh Menara Airport in Morocco, OR Tambo International Airport in South Africa and so many more. Perhaps some of our perceptions on what “Africa” really is need a refresh.

The world is not slowing down and that’s good news. Watch the video below and behold.

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