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Germany is known for many very good things: its world-class automobiles, castles, the Autobahn, football, its fabulous, liberal, world-aware residents and so much more. Next, add some rib-sticking old world cuisine, savory breads and, of course, beer. (Did you know that  7,000 varieties of beer are brewed in Germany in 1,300 breweries?) And , it goes without saying, they’re some of the best, most honest and most flavourful varieties that you can find anywhere in the world. So, now you may be asking yourself how you can get your fill … literally? Being regional by nature, many beers may not always be readily available on the shelves, and more than 20% of these are found in the southern region of Bavaria alone, whose capital, Munich, is home to the world-famous Oktoberfest beer festival. So where do you start when you want to discover more of those delights all in one place? Well, the Germans know – and that’s at Octoberfest.

But, as is the case with almost all top-name events, Oktoberfest can be overrun with those enthusiasts love to have fun, drink, eat and go a little crazy. And, the more people, the more expensive things can get. How then do you stand a chance of having a wild time and not breaking the bank? Happily, you can trust the always chipper and always upbeat, who have got the answer. DW’s Aisha Sharipzhan compiled a long list of must-dos: drinking beer, eating a pretzel and roast chicken and going for a spin on the ferris wheel are just a few of them. Can she cross off all the things on her wish list on a budget of 100 Euros? Can you you beat your Octobertest? Watch the video and see what you can do.

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