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Robot holidays

When ChatGPT burst on to the cyber scene in November 30, 2022, it simmered on the electric interwebs for a while before the world grasped exactly what it was and what it was capable of. Since then, it has launched a thousand videos, as many offshoots of the main product that it’s hard to keep track of them. It’s “a thing” and it’s here for good, which makes it a good thing. We use it and find that it gets you “most of the way” to your task. There are hundreds of users who turn it into new variations, so that a user can, for example, create a kitten with a T-Rex body. Neat! It does have very useful features, of course and that’s why it is exploding in usage.

So, to the point: we recently came upon an article online that promises how to use ChatGPT to plan a vacation. We may be shooting ourselves in the foot by highlighting this new use of the software, but we expect that you will like what you see and may even feed back to us. It’s a tool that intrigues us too.

As the author of the articles states “If you have ever planned a vacation, you know how stressful the entire ordeal is. From finding the right destination to having everything booked to having an orderly itinerary, there are many things to consider to have a good vacation — that’s where ChatGPT can help.”

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