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It’s 1945 again

We never thought we’d be featuring an article such as this, but here we are again. As we write, much of the world seems to be swinging to the right, unfortunately. Intolerance, hatred, racism and sexism are back on our television screens after so many years of what felt like a few years of calm. Sitting with my partner, she made me aware of what happened – not in Europe – but in South America: intolerance, hatred, racism and sexism exists, like anywhere, but in a form that is so extreme and confusing, that it almost belies belief. And it followed in the horrific wake of the Nazis.

Now, there is a place – and this is hard to write – in Germany where Nazi ideals still exist. But these go in a rather different direction than the World War 2 horrors. Birgit and Horst Lohmeyer live in a village mainly inhabited by staunch neo-Nazis. Once a year the couple takes a public stand against the right with a rock festival that attracts such iconic bands as “Die Ärzte”. The tiny village of Jamel in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern can be quite frightening. Almost all of the 40 inhabitants are staunchly right-wing, but Birgit and Horst Lohmeyer are exceptions.

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