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Despot depot.

Once again, we try to brainwash you (if you haven’t already done so) into dipping your toe into the wonder of rail travel. We always can’t, but we always do rail on and on (get it?) about train travel and why it should be your default mode of transport in this enlightened day and age. Why get stuck in traffic when you can howl across the country at speeds like 249 km/h, all the while enjoying quiet surroundings, relaxing seats, the blur of the scenery as you go and, even better, competitive (and many times) far cheaper than planes. We won’t even mention the environmental benefits of rail. Hop on board.

Usually, you think of political high-ups only taking luxury jets: you know – Air Force One etc. But, here is something to ponder and question your values when you read that Kim Jong-un has rail as part of his modus operandi. You may not think that North Korea even has a need of rail; after all, it is not a huge country when it comes to getting around. Watch the video below to see why rail is for everyone, even the untouchables.

Don't get left behind.

China are light years ahead of most countries when it comes to rail. Have a look at the train, above.

Recall that the USA’s president, FDR used rail rather than flights. There’s good reason for this approach. And while we’re on the subject, did you know that there are quite a few airlines that are owned by the government. North Korea is one, but there are plenty of others. Why? see above, courtesy of

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