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A day in the life: Romford

Here’s another “day in the life” post, where we find and highlight places that you might not have visited, but might want to. Once again, we’re in the UK because . . . why not? In a way, Romford’s like many UK cities, but they all almost always have little tidbits or “pop up out of the roadside” joys that will have you walking away smiling, snapping pictures galore. It could be an ancient road marker, or something that was lost and found on a path that makes you laugh out loud.

Romford is old – some say that it was formed in 1707 , but that’s only part of the story. Located in the London Borough of Havering in East London, it may not be a top tourist destination in the UK, but it does have its own unique charm and offers a day’s worth of reasons to visit if you find yourself in the area. Take a stroll and soak in the real England. It’s simple to get to Romford by bus, or rail, and walking around the town is easy and relaxing. Watch the video, below and put Romford on your list to visit soon.

Count on Tripadvisor to be your tour guide around Romford: click here to book.

Visit Romford: take the train or bus. Trainline can get you there any beyond. Click here.

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