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Boeing, Boeing, Gone

Flying is quite the endeavor, nowadays. What with Covid 19 decimating air travel a few years back, to the proliferation / explosion of people around the globe being able to fly now, and actually doing so. Did you know that Every day, some 93,000 flights take off from approximately 9,000 airports? And at any given time, there are between 8,000 and 13,000 airplanes in the air. Do the math. If you’re an airline, you have to be good. Good on-ground teams, good capacity planning, good in-plane staff and the best and most efficient aircraft that exist.

You must be aware of the flight control systems on Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft, which led to two crashes, killing 346 people. Flaws in the systems were found to have led to the accidents which Boeing acknowledged, but the company avoided a trial by agreeing to pay $2.5bn (£1.8bn) Does that ring any alarm bells for you?

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but in the past few months, Boeing’s main competitor, Airbus has received a huge order for new its A220 airliners from Delta Airlines. Delta Air Lines has disclosed 12 more A220-300 aircraft from a recently-signed purchase agreement, bringing the airline’s total firm order for A220s to 131 aircraft – 45 A220-100s and 86 A220-300s.

They’re adding 12 additional Airbus A220-300 aircraft, bringing the airline’s total firm order for the type to 131 airframes. That’s a big order, especially when the orders are for European jets, rather than the domestic ones built in the US by Boeing.

You may wonder why we created this post? Certainly, it’s to highlight some of the differences between the two companies, but to also highlight that there may be repercussions when a company doesn’t come clean. It feels like Airbus is going from strength to strength. We applaud them for that. See the comments in the video. We’re big fans.

It’s noteworthy that Icelandair are also replacing Boeing aircraft in the near future.

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