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Vermont Jaunt

The USA gets lots of press, pretty much every day. Some good, some bad. And sometimes the actions of the US Government taint US citizens, whether they agree or not. That happens with many countries, of course, but the US’s fingers are long, deep and pervasive, as well as persuasive. But, of course, not all Americans exhibit those characteristics. Many are as open, open-minded and free-thinking as you would like, and generally a you to be with. This post is about that: a free thinker – Ken Mills – who stepped away from “the world” and treated himself to getting his own life back in one of the USA’s most liberal states, Vermont – a place you might not be too familiar with. And, as part of that he’s opened up his creative and whimsical world for all to see. Watch the funny and enjoyable story of Ken Mills. This is Part of the Stuck in Vermont 693 YouTube series.

Watch the video above to explore Burlington, Vermont. That part of the world is lovely.

Be smart. Be Progressive. Save the planet. Take the train. Click here for Amtrak to Burlington.

GetYourGuide have dozens of amazing things to do in Vermont. Click here to look and book.

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