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Help a Dane

We don’t think we’re wrong when we say that the Nordic people of Europe are some of the most forthright, sensible and honest people on the planet. The Nordic countries, also known as the Nordics or Scandinavia, generally refer to Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Each country has its unique characteristics, but there are some common traits that can be observed among the people of these nations. It’s important to note that any generalization may not apply to every individual, but some common characteristics include: known for their strong commitment to social welfare and equality. They have extensive social safety nets, including universal healthcare, free education, and generous social benefits, which aim to reduce socioeconomic disparities and provide a high standard of living for their citizens. And, of course, they’re very nice people.

Tak means “thanks!”

They’re sometimes characterized as being a bit dry, perhaps a bit too serious and, perhaps, a bit too hard to read. But like anywhere, that’s a somewhat broad interpretation. For example, watch the video below. It’s funny, in a “typical” Nordic dry way and, at first glance maybe a bit confusing or odd. But, as the story unfolds, you’ll see that this actually has an important health message for all of us who enjoy the sun.

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