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Boarding pas·sé? Not for long

Surely one of the most annoying aspects of travel is keeping your boarding pass with you before you fly. Sometimes the hang-up is when you print it at home: you find that you don’t have ink in your printer. Once you to the store to buy the printer ink, at home, the printer complains for one reason or another and, et voila – no printing for you, today. The next scenario is when the printer has ink, but you are required to have all five different colours filled up before you can even print one black-and-white copy, which might mean another trip to the office supplies store, which of course, is not nearby.

The next hurdle is making sure that you have the correct kind of paper, and that your printer’s tray is correctly setup with the paper perfectly aligned with the feeder wheels . . ad nauseum. The final knife in the back is when you arrive at the airport check-in and the paper can’t be scanned. With all of this inconvenience our printer has been consigned to the closet. And finally, just think about how many times you’ve been at the airport, only to find that you can’t locate what you’ve printed – the boarding passes is this case – and you’re late.

But, the times, they are a’changin’. Many airlines (and other travel providers are stepping bravely into the 21st century by making boarding passes digital, right to your phone. This is likely the future and we welcome it as another sound way to save the planet. However, For many travelers, a paper boarding pass from an airline is a lot more than a set of directions to help you get to your airplane seat on time. Read more here courtesy of Are you ready?

Remember these? This is an ancient (2000) boarding pass from AirTransat. Courtesy of  Kristoferb

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