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As if Ihre Mutter were here

Those of us who were alive and kicking in the 1980’s will remember when Mikhail Gorbachev shocked the world when he opened the doors to the East Germans, essentially changing the entire face of Europe and, most importantly, uniting Germany into one country, and enabling the powerhouse that Germany is. It was a marvelous, heady time (we happened to be there not long after the wall fell) and it was a shining example of politicians doing the right thing for once.

Some look back on that period with a certain fondness, as the new world marched in for the better, and the old world still existed for a while. But, notably and happily, it was not forgotten and, even more, is making a comeback in certain ways. If you have one of the streaming services like Amazon or Netflix, you can enjoy such series as A Spy Among Friends, Deutschland 83, The Same Sky and get a plausible feeling of what it was like in those tense and uncertain times.

And what more tangible of experiencing history than by experiencing its food. Watch the video below, courtesy of the always excellent DW. Step back in time and then look for your local European restaurant and dig in. Loosen your belt.

This is not quite what we were thinking, but – hey ho. That’s life. What would Mr. Gorbachev think?

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