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You could almost walk it . . .

Want to show off to your friends? Want to add your name to the Guinness Book of World Records? Want to spend a little spare cash? Here’s an odd and humorous topic for all of you high-value air travelers. This may appear to be pure selfishness, courtesy of some Johnny Bigpants, where Johnny shows off how much money he can spend for absolutely no reason. But, it’s not . . . it’s real, with a real purpose. And people use it. It’s the 53 second, $22 Shortest Flight in the World. And, as one viewer noticed, “this video is longer than the flight btw.” And, just by coincidence, it’s in the UK, home of many weird and wonderful things. Video courtesy of Half as Interesting.

OK world travelers, you are now aware. Get booking!

The Orkneys, an archipelago of islands off the northern coast of Scotland, are home to some of the greatest neolithic treasures in western Europe: from the settlement of Skara Brae to the Ness of Brodgar.

All jokes aside, Scara Brae is a beautiful place, with incredible neolithic stone age settlements.

It’s a short hop by plane.

Expedia have flights and stays to Skara Brae. Click here to book.

Incredible history. Stunning landscape. Click here to explore Skara Brae.

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