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Spiffing, old chap.

Once again, we return to the UK for this post, but this post is a bit specific. You should know by now that England (and all of the UK) is filled with locations, activities and history that are hard to beat. Literally, at every corner, there is something from antiquity that will stop you in your tracks, beckoning you to linger longer. Despite being bombed into submission during the two world wars, the UK continued to bounce back, again and again. And that’s a good thing, as there is so much history hidden around every corner. England is history.

Our subject today is all about the British designer William Morris’ Kelmscott Manor, the designer’s summer home. In this video, avid design enthusiasts, Kirsten & Joerg show you around the stunningly beautiful Kelmscott Manor in the Cotswolds, Morris’ summer home. And you, too, can explore this gem.

Why is this interesting, you may ask? And what is the Arts and Crafts movement, anyway? It is an international trend in the decorative and fine arts that developed earliest and most fully in the British Isles, and subsequently spread across the British Empire and to the rest of Europe and America.

The Arts & Crafts movement emerged in the United Kingdom around 1860, at roughly the same time as the closely related Aesthetic Movement, but the spread of Arts & Crafts across the Atlantic to the United States in the 1890s, enabled it to last longer – at least into the 1920s. And out of that movement came such design luminaries as Frank Lloyd Wright and Gustav Stickley.

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