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Whistle while you work

Since Covid, there has been this yin / yang conversation happening about where and how to work. Throngs of people returned to their homes to try to diminish the virus but, as a by-product, also realised the enjoyment and benefits of not having to spend ninety minutes (twice a day) commuting back and forth from home to office and vice versa. Lightbulbs went off stating “hey, this doesn’t make much sense.” And, so the world of work now floats in a statis of sorts, where you can define where you want to work.

And, to get to the point of this post, that ethos, as it were, has migrated into the world of bloggers as well as workers. Blogging has remained a popular and diverse platform for individuals and organizations to share their thoughts, experiences, and expertise on a wide range of topics, even during COVID. Influential bloggers often had significant followings and could monetize their content through advertising, sponsored posts, and other means.

Have you ever thought of doing this? Perhaps quitting your job, putting out your shingle as blogger and creating the lifestyle that you want, rather than the one that is assigned to you? If that sounds appealing, have a look here where you can learn some of the best places to blog, courtesy of As the mighty James Brown once said, Get Up Offa That Thing.

If you’ve decided that Europe is your place to hang out your shingle, AutoEurope has campers. Click here.

You’ll likely need stuff: camera, laptop and more. Amazon’s Woot outlet has deals just for you. Click here.

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