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Runway football

No, that is not a typo, you eagle-eyed readers. Glad that you were concerned enough to point it out, though. This is another one of those “up with people” posts that makes you glad to be human, and also glad to be connected to the Internet. Another big plus is that it’s in Europe and that adds another layer of fun – especially when it has two key features of Europe rolled into one: football and railways. And, again, this is not some relatively simple mating of two everyday activities. This is football to the MAX.

The ever alert and ever playful Tim Traveler brings us more laugh out loud fun with this; a European football pitch that has a steam railroad that passes through by even when a match is underway. Sound bizarre and funny? It is . . . and it’s great. Watch the videos below and book your tickets to Čierny Balog, in the pine forests of central Slovakia.

How much fun can you have in one day? This is footie / anorak heaven. Čierny Balog

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