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Where you see your seafood under the sea

If you’re in business these days, you’ve got to be smart, clever, innovative and original or else you’ll likely go under. And there has been a watershed of new ideas and business execution attempts that have lost their steam or have dried up. Thinking in a shell no longer works, and being crabby with your customers is a sink hole as well. People will sense a fishy situation right away, and the operation will sink.

So here’s a story of a plaice that did all of that, went under and still succeeded where others sank. Meet Under. Under is an underwater restaurant in Lindesnes, Norway. Its dining room is found 5.5 metres below sea level. The eating floor is 495 square metres, making it the biggest underwater restaurant in the world, with a capacity of 40 people. That’s the dazzling concept behind a partially submerged, concrete-and-acrylic glass panel restaurant off the coast of Norway. It’s thrilling visitors with its exquisite menu and dazzling underwater views. Watch the video below and some content courtesy of the Smithsonian Channel.

Visit the restaurant’s site here.

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