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Germany wants workers!

Germany is certainly at the front of European power, drive and energy. An economic and social powerhouse itself, it stands as one of Europe’s shining stars when it comes to making things happen. And this dynamo of a country is looking for smart, energetic workers.

Germany is doubling down on plans to attract skilled workers from outside the EU. The country plans to reform its immigration legislation to make it easier for third country nationals to work in Germany. During a press conference held at the Federal Office for Foreign Affairs (BfAA) on 17 January 2023, Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said modernising the visa process would mean “turning it upside down”.

Modern Dusseldorf 

Having spent quite a bit of time in that vast and fascinating company, both as a tourist, a musician and as a travel professional, I cannot say enough good things about the country and its people. Progressive, world-aware, funny and warm, there are few countries on earth that have as good a life balance as the Germans. Clearly, knowing the language is important, but in most work situations, English is also an option; 56% of the country know that language. And, Germany has always laboured under the completely incorrect stigma that they are stiff and boring. In reality, it’s the exact opposite. They’re a delightful group of people to know.

Gorgeous, historic Köln

And, on the weekends, the country is a mélange of styles, events, activities and launching points to other parts of Europe, especially with Germany’s autobahns, but also via Europe’s world-class rail systems. You can’t lose, and have everything to gain when it comes to life experiences. Give this some thought. You won’t regret it.

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