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When choke gets in your eyes

We’re big-city fans, and, as you might guess by our journalistic leanings, our top big city is London, England. It never ends when it comes to things to do. It’s always evolving, revolving and reappearing as a shiny new place. If you’ve been, as we’re sure many of you have, it’s a multifarious affair, with so many options for visitors.

But, what about those who live there? What’s in it for them? London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, boasting a vibrant blend of cultures, languages, and cuisines. This diversity adds to the city’s dynamic atmosphere and offers a multitude of experiences for residents and visitors alike. But, like all metropolises, it does have its “dirty laundry”, too.

Londoners need to get from one side of the city to another, and one of the busiest and most notorious, but necessary modes is to use the Rotherhithe Tunnel. Cough cough, it normally wouldn’t be a destination for most in car on a good day, but brace yourselves for an even more gobsmacking occurrence: a Londoner took the decision to actually walk through the tunnel during rush hour. Thoughts and prayers. Watch the video below for a typically cynical / funny British report.

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