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Hotel Jagua: Cuban MCM

We’ll say it again: if you haven’t been to Cuba, start planning now. It really, truly, genuinely is like nothing or nowhere else. The modern with the historic. The luxurious with the absolute basic. Uniformly charming and helpful people. And . . . the sights. Oh, the sights! Cuba boasts a fascinating history, including its colonial past, the Cuban Revolution, and its “complex” relationship with the United States. Visitors can explore historic cities like Havana, Trinidad, and Santiago de Cuba, with their well-preserved architecture, cobblestone streets, and vibrant atmosphere.

And when we talk about well-preserved architecture, here we’re leaping into the future, as Cuba has as many fabulous modern (in this case MCM and beyond) places to behold, but also to stay. One such venue is the Hotel Jagua. Affiliated by the Spanish hotel chain, Meliá, and situated in the Bay of Cienfuegos, this historic and, frankly, pristine example of modernist design is worth a visit, if not a stay.

In the exclusive area of Punta Gorda, the Hotel Jagua Affiliated by Meliá recreates all the ambience and splendour of the 1950s from a contemporary perspective, set in a spectacular natural environment and with beautiful views over the bay of Cienfuegos and the stunning Escambray mountains. Just 50 metres from the Palacio de Valle, an architectural treasure converted into a spectacular restaurant.

With expert bar staff and views like this, you might spend the whole day at Hotel Jagua. Click here.

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