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Well, wood you look at that!

You can always trust the Nordic people to think about ways to save the planet. They’ve been doing it for decades. They are surrounded by nature and, as such, they take care of their “home.” Environmental consciousness is deeply ingrained in Nordic culture. These countries have a long history of valuing and respecting their natural surroundings. Concepts like “friluftsliv” (outdoor life) in Norway and “allemansrätt” (everyman’s right) in Sweden reflect the cultural appreciation for nature and the outdoors.

So will it be any surprise to see what they’re doing now? Sweden is trying to build a whole city borough out of wood to ‘show what is possible. A Stockholm development company has a dream contract in its hands—the construction of a whole new city borough entirely of lumber that aims to be a sustainable ballast to an unbalanced city. Spanning 25 blocks, 30 sustainable mass timber buildings will add 7,000 new offices and 2,000 new homes, with construction slated to begin in 2025, and the first buildings to be completed in 2027.

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