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Weird Spaceship-like Train

If you’re looking for the unusual, you’ll never go too far wrong if Japan is in your plan. A more playful people probably cannot be found than them. And why not? Why not have fun during your workday, or for your entire life, for that matter? You only live once, in theory. Ikebukuro (池袋) is a section of Tokyo’s Toshima ward. It is one of the three major metropolitan sub-centers on the Yamanote Line, along with Shinjuku and Shibuya.

Here is another example of Japan’s love of fun – the Ikebukuro→Seibu-chichibu train. Seibu Railways operates a train from Ikebukuro to SeibuChichibu every 2 hours. Tickets cost ¥720 – ¥780 and the journey takes 1h 21m. While you’re there, stop by Sunshine 60, which was once the tallest building in Japan and it remains the most prominent building within the Sunshine City complex. The surrounding Sunshine City complex includes shops, restaurants, an aquarium, and an observatory at the top of the Sunshine 60 building.

Visit the Tokyo Shaheed Minar. A beautiful monument, symbolizing love to the mother language. It is based on the mother language movement, that originated in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1952, followed by the UNESCO declaration of International Mother Language Day (21 February). It was a present from Bangladesh to the Japanese people, in 2005, recognizing Tokyo Boishakhi Mela (Bangladesh New Year Festival), organized every year in mid April, by Japan Bangladesh Society. 

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