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Walking the Erie Canal

If you’ve had enough of “what’s up guys?” videos and the same three places to go in Rome, may we enrich the history content for you thinking people who look forward to yesteryear, or back to the future. We often find that this kind of travel is the best kind. Why? You usually encounter less people, and when you do, they often are quiet, contemplative and deeply interested in what they’re seeing at the time. No smash and grab pics or videos. They actually stop to read the placards that are perched next to the artifacts. They linger longer. Sometimes, you may bump elbows, laugh and then launch off into topical conversations that may lead to coffee and, finally, sharing your details with each other for future adventures. It happens to us a lot, and we love it.

One of the bigger thrills for us is spending time at a place that history has not quite forgotten, but just placed it to the side for a little while. Almost like the third child; quiet, observative, ever-curious and, as it happens, full of surprises. Which brings us to our “child” as it were, the Erie Canal.

Steeped in history, this place is lost in time, but also “right here” and vibrant, and it’s a place that you may want to explore if you wish to learn more about how the USA (and even Canada) grew, thrived and made themselves indispensable, the most notable being the locks that embrace the rivers.

Here, the Erie Canal is an historic canal in upstate New York that runs east–west between the Hudson River and Lake Erie. Completed in 1825, the canal was the first navigable waterway connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes, vastly reducing the costs of transporting people and goods across the Appalachians. *Wikipedia.

The locks that control not only the river, but the trade and traffic, too. Indispensable. Ever-changing, never changing.

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