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Advice for Time Traveling to Medieval Europe

No, we haven’t lost it. That happened long ago and we’ve been able to persist up until now, thank you very much. But that doesn’t mean that time travel isn’t at or near the top of our list, as it should be for any serious adventurer. And we have some good advice for you, right here and now if you do, indeed want to go back to the future, as it were.

But, it wouldn’t be Matouring if there wasn’t a twist. Here, we propose traveling back into medieval Europe. What you may ask? This is time travel. See how well you faire. Try to bring back souvenirs and not the plague. You may want to bone up on your languages, such as French or Olde English. You can install Google Translate on your mobile device, but be sure to download the languages that you think you’ll need: wifi is scant in the year 14:00. And let’s hope you like mead and mutton.

Generations of foreign tourists in Europe have heard advice about traveling in groups, haggling prices, avoiding pickpockets, and being able to communicate in, if not the local language, then at least the lingua franca. It turns out that very similar guidance applies to time travel in Europe, or at least specifically to the region of England, France, Germany, and northern Italy in the central Middle Ages, roughly between the years 1000 and 1400. In the new video above, history Youtuber Premodernist provides an hour’s worth of advice to the modern preparing to travel back in time to medieval Europe — beginning with the declaration that “you will very likely get sick.”

Yes, of course, we’re having a bit of fun with you, but even more fun is the video above. Maybe you’ll meet Dan Brown there. Or Monty Python. Who knows? Yea verily.

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