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Viking to your liking

Almost everyone who considers themself a traveler has taken at least one cruise. Whether it’s ocean cruising, river cruising, singles or solo cruises, adults-only and couples cruises, luxury cruises or adventure cruises, there is something for everyone. And, sure, cruises have a certain “reputation” with some non-believers, but that is just sensationalism. For many, a cruise is a perfect way to see the sites without having to be your own cruise director.

Usually, when the word cruise is used, the prevailing image is a massive gleaming white behemoth, the size of a six-story apartment block, coursing it’s way through the Pacific Ocean, where thousands of disparate people mingle. Boisterous passengers, rivers of alcohol, miles of aisles of buffet treats. Entertainment 24×7. It’s alluring, for sure.

But what if you’re looking for the experience, but in a toned-down manner and a simpler, more chilled atmosphere. There’s an option, of course, which we’re sure that many of you may know, but may not fully know the benefits: river and lake cruising. These “cruise lite” options are perfect for those who just want to plop down and take it all in: the water, the forests the wildlife on the banks.

If that sound like you, then have a look at the Great Lakes & Canada option with our affiliate friends, Viking Cruises. This kind of cruise will tick all of the boxes for you. Click here to book your adventure.

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