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Submarine Roundabout

Riddle me this: you need to travel from A to B, but the logistics are getting in your way, literally. If it takes too long on a boat to get there, what are your options? Fly, you might say. OK, but, in this case, there are dozens of islands with no airports. Take the train? There are no trains. Drive? Maybe, but that is a fleeting option, as getting from island to island is somewhat hindered by the fact that each island is its own entity and is not always a unified whole. No travel options, then? Are you stuffed?

Not always. Today, we’re focusing on the Faroe Islands in Norway, which are comprised of 18 rugged bits of land formed from volcanic rock. Residents need to get around and be present with each other, but it’s tricky (see the first paragraph of this post.) Based on those random and unique travel factors, that would give most of us pause to reflect and give thanks to our city planners.

But in the case of the Faroes, the hardy residents are so used to adversity of this kind that they not only just deal with it, the face the adversity as if it were a paper-cut. How? “Let’s build a road underwater! Even better, let’s put a roundabout there!” And that’s what they did. Watch the video courtesy of

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