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Vegas “elevations”

Forty years ago, if you were discovered smoking marijuana, you would likely have been thrown in jail. You had to hide somewhere inconspicuous if you wanted to toke. And it was an expensive and potentially dangerous thrill – either through being incarcerated or from buying bad weed. But, we humans pressed on and collectively made the case that pot was not a threat to society as the decades went on. And, so here we are today – 2023 – and pot is almost commonplace. Success!

To kick it up a notch, a hotel (in Las Vegas, naturally) called The Lexi is positioning itself to be the first Cannabis Friendly Resort. According to, “the hotel will make its debut this spring (2024) after undergoing a multi-million-dollar renovation that will turn the Artisan Hotel Boutique into The Lexi-Elevations Hotels and Resorts. The new 64 room hotel will be the first in Las Vegas to introduce the idea of cannabis-friendly hospitality, while also putting a focus on providing guests and locals with transformative spaces that are inviting, approachable and completely unique.”  Interested? Read more here courtesy of

For now, stay at the The Artisan Boutique Hotel – Adult Only. Click here.

The Artisan Boutique Hotel looks like lots of fun. Playful! Click here.

The party starts now! Rent a camper for your trip to Vegas! Click here.

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