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No-go Zone NYC

Being the sharing, inclusive and fun site that we fashion ourselves to be, we always look for new and interesting locales for our readers to research and explore. It’s a big planet, we only have so much time on it and so, we should use our time wisely. That’s why we hand-select places that may be new to our readers (as well as the perennial chestnuts like Paris and Venice) in order to spread the love. We’ve been creating content here for over two years and still haven’t scratched (the earth’s) surface. We love that.

But, going against our normal ethos when it comes to content, we’re going to discuss a place where you shouldn’t (actually, can’t) go, but we thought it was interesting, anyway. It’s not some war-torn country or a nuclear fuel dump, but it seems to be equally as unsettling. And, it’s not only in “the greatest country on earth”, but it’s also in “the greatest city on earth.” – New York City. “It’s called North Brother Island with ” its own unsavory reputation.” Thick with overgrown vegetation, its abandoned buildings are slowly crumbling away, leaving only the ghosts of the past behind. And nobody is allowed to set foot on its empty shores. But what happened here? And why has this eerie settlement been frozen in time for more than 50 years?” And notice that it’s not too far from Rikers Island (the prison) so keep that in mind if you start getting any ideas.

Images courtesy of reivax/Wikimedia Commons, Kenopsia Explorers/YouTube

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