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Train kept a’rolling, all night long

Another update for you on train service in the USA of A. Brightline, the new rail line in Florida, have just released some updated info on their new terminal in Orlando. This new, shiny facility will connect to its existing stop in Miami. We regularly bang on and on about how the USA is so far behind the rest of the world when it comes to rail, so we simply get excited when we see this most sensible mode of transportation moving into the future in America. For example, 549,631,632 29 million passengers (Amtrak only) traveled in 2014. There are 331.9 million people living in the USA. That is roughly 1.5 trips per person. Not good enough. By comparison, in 2020, passengers traffic on railways amounted 378 billion passenger kilometers in Europe. In China it was 1,550 billion in 2019. In Japan in was 446.7 billion in 2019. Of course, there is Amtrak in the US – and we are thankful for them – but Brightline are taking the offering waaaay into the future. New trains, snazzy stations and – let’s face it – exciting destinations. Miami, anyone? (Note – these are passenger-kilometres (pkm) travelled per year.)

So, a hearty thank you and good luck to Brightline!

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