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The Ferries of BC

British Colombia, Canada. On one side is the great expanse known as North America (which is an landmass of 4045 kilometers / 2184 nautical miles) is mostly noted less for its ground, but more for the endless sea that abuts it. BC’s Pacific ocean defines the city, and British Columbia, as well. When you think about the city, or when you glimpse an image on a webpage or in a brochure, it’s the water that grasps your attention. We happen to live here, and knowing that the sea is there provides some kind of expectation that when you’ve had enough of the cars and the grit, the sea is there to calm you down. And it does, as anyone who spends time near the water knows.

But, probably even more interesting is how many islands Vancouver (and BC) has. As you might expect, mountains cover 75 per cent of British Columbia. B.C. has more protected areas than any other Canadian province. But, what we’re discussing here is the 40,000 islands throughout B.C, with only 6,000 of them active / inhabited.  And those people have to get around. You’re going to need a bigger boat. And so, the residents rely on BC Ferries. Operations began in 1960 with just two ferries providing service on a single route. Today the company has 39 ferries moving more than 22 million passengers and 8 million vehicles every year.

With that background, we’re pleased that BC Ferries has chosen Matouring as one of their ticket sales agents. When you think about British Columbia, think about ferries and remember that Matouring can get you there and back. The company also offers vacations, so your trip to BC is made simple.

PS -if you’ve taken ferries in Europe (especially travelling through Greece) the BC Ferries ships will look very familiar. Many of them are actually from Greece. Interested in booking? Click here (email) to receive more information.

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