The little train that couldn’t

We here at Matouring have often written about the wonders and the practicalities of rail travel.  Much of the world uses it as the default mode of travel. 

But the United States has still not caught on to this global way-of-life. 

Like it or not, the United States has a big transportation problem. According to many, a high-speed rail network could help alleviate a lot of the country’s transportation issues, but high-speed rail in the USA hasn’t made much progress in the last 50 years. Here’s why.

In the United States, everybody likes the idea of trains… but American trains are slow, clumsy, and absurdly expensive. Nobody wants to creep down the coast in an Amtrak – and to be honest, can you blame them.

But, there is some hope in the form of Brightline, who have been carving out a path in southern Florida.  We wish them well.

Learn more from the video below, courtesy of

We visited Spain not too long ago. Our train traveled at 249 kmh - 154 mph, smoothly.

But, if you travel worldwide, see below for a variety of rail options.

In Europe, feature Eurostar. Click above for more.
OMIO have trains throughout Europe and More. Click above.
Trains for Central Europe & Russia. Site is in Russian. Use Chrome or Edge for automatic translations.
Klook has deals on European trains.

Klook has trains throughout China, Japan Taiwan and Vietnam.

Enjoy this lovely little Brasilian railroad tune.  Be happy!

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