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The 53 Second flight

Here’s a nutty, but ultimately understandable (maybe) story of how airlines price their flights. One would expect that prices would be based on demand, season of the year, or perhaps even special events (such as the World Cup.) Of course, all of these are true, but when you try and work your way through the ticketing maze, it may feel like nothing makes sense….. even though it does.

So, for your pleasure, watch the video below and behold a wacky, and yet entirely understandable (we guess) flight plan. Who knows, you may want to take this flight just to say that you did. Another story to impress your friends.

Note: the narrator here, as is often the case, speaks very, very quickly. Don’t forget to turn on subtitles and – as ever – YouTube allows to slow down the video to a comfortable / comprehensible speed. There is also a sales pitch for a product at the beginning, so prepare yourself for that. Have fun! Watch this video courtesy of Half as Interesting.

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