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New York’s eternal sleep

If New York City is one thing, it’s certainly known for its lifestyle, vibrancy and sheer chutzpah. Once you visit there, the city will pull at your heartstrings forever more. We all know that it is the is the city that never sleeps. But, as ever, some New Yorkers ultimately find their eternal sleep, as do we all. But what does the city do with those who have moved on forever? Hart Island Potter’s Field cemetery. And, if you want to see a different side of NYC, why not make your way there? It’s calm, full of history, and is a pleasant way to see New York from a new perspective.

The video below gives you the information you’ll need to experience this unlikely tourist stop. Places like this make you stop and think, in a good way.

This image above shows the site as it was. NYC are investing funds to bring it back to good condition. Visit the cemetery’s website here.

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