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Surprise! You’re on Sordid Camera.

This is not a story about getting deals or tips for all of your photography needs. No, this is nothing of the sort. In fact, we’re even a wee bit reluctant to even put forward this content, as it borders on trash journalism. But, given that the source is Gary Leff, a travel writer who we read and trust, we have decided to proceed anyway. And even if this appears to be spam, of sorts, it puts forth cautionary advice for when you travel. As the old adage goes, “there’s one born every minute” and by that we mean either suckers or shysters. This post is about the latter.

A hidden camera inside a power outlet in the bathroom of an Airbnb is going viral after a group of girls found it on a birthday trip. They were skeptical when one friend was paranoid about cameras in the home they’d rented, but they eventually searched and found that the camera facing the shower – a shower they’d all used. Always check the electric outlet in the bathroom for hidden cameras when you travel. As if the fees and the terms and conditions and the fabricated features of a rental aren’t bad enough, sometimes. Read more here courtesy of

It may seem alarmist (no pun intended) but a Personal Defense Device may be a good idea. Hammacher Schlemmer specialises in this. Click here for more.

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