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Harmony hotel

Don’t you just love it when traditions are bucked, the same-old-same-old is discarded and an entrepreneur feels free to express themself in a way that says “I don’t care what you think. Go with me or go home.” Where would we be if those free spirits didn’t exist? For example, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Denis Diderot, Ghandi, Albert Einstein, Zora Neale Hurston. The list goes on as long as your arm.

And one of the disciplines that best exhibits those kinds of creative thinking is architecture, something that we feature (and relish) here on Matouring. Our love of MCM and, especially, Frank Lloyd Wright, always cause us to look back to the future. And with new architects like Bjarke Ingels, Shefali Balwani and last, but not least, Zaha Habib, this spirit of adventure in design will persist long before most of us have gone.

With that preamble, we would like to feature creativity of a different kind – almost otherworldly – and definitely a place to search and enjoy, the Wifala Harmony Hotel in Urubamba, Peru. As if Peru doesn’t have enough mind-blowing features (we’ll skip Machu Picchu for now) this hotel and Urubamba itself will provide you with memories you won’t forget, and bragging rights out the ying-yang.

Click here to look and book at the Wifala Harmony Hotel.

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