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Someday, my train will come

We’re peaceful people here at Matouring. We love everyone, unless given a reason not to. When you travel, you inevitably meet new people, and almost all of the time, that is a joyful experience. People can be the best part of the trip, and often the most memorable. So, it saddens us when people are overrun and overruled by their governments. As of this writing, that trend is appearing again, after so many years of positivity and progressive thinking.

One country that has continued to be shackled over the years is Iran. We have many Iranian friends: warm, worldly, intelligent, funny, open-minded kind – each and every one of them. But, they are often painted the wrong colour by others who don’t look beyond the headlines. And it’s such a shame, as the country has so much history and beauty. One of which is the UNESCO-designated Trans-Iranian Railway.

Images courtesy of UNESCO

The Trans-Iranian Railway connects the Caspian Sea in the northeast with the Persian Gulf in the southwest crossing two mountain ranges as well as rivers, highlands, forests and plains, and four different climatic areas. Started in 1927 and completed in 1938, the 1,394-kilometre-long railway was designed and executed in a successful collaboration between the Iranian government and 43 construction contractors from many countries. The railway is notable for its scale and the engineering works it required to overcome steep routes and other difficulties. Its construction involved extensive mountain cutting in some areas, while the rugged terrain in others dictated the construction of 174 large bridges, 186 small bridges and 224 tunnels, including 11 spiral tunnels.  Read more here. Content courtesy of

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