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Get a sense of perspective

We humans just love to compete, don’t we? Who has the biggest? The best? The richest? The mostest? Everyone wants to “make it big:” top of the charts, the big kahuna, the “in” crowd, loaded, the Champaign circle. But here are some places in the world that take it quite literally. But how low can you go to get higher?

Must be part of our DNA – the primaeval urge to not only survive, but to thrive and to be Numero Uno! This kind of competition has been with us since we crawled out of the primordial mud and the urge hasn’t abated since then. As of this writing, there are 2,668 billionaires in the world. And, unlike a few decades ago, when these super-rich lived primarily in the USA or Europe, they are now all evenly scattered throughout the planet. Hurrah! (for them anyway.)

Still, this global explosion of money isn’t new, nor is the urge to “make it.” Watch this video that shows the comparison of the tallest statues in the world. Statues that bring stature, as it were. How low can you go to go big?

Visit one of these mind-boggling achievements: the Garuda Visnu Kencana in Indonesia: 122-metres tall.

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