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Rocketman UAE

If you’ve read certain articles here on Matouring, we love to feature places that are well known, but actually are different from some percieved (and often incorrect) impressions by a certain few who have, perhaps, not done their homework before bypassing or dismissing a new place to explore and enjoy.

We feel that the UAE falls under this category, as not all countries in the Middle East think the same or behave the same as others. UAE is certainly one of these in our eyes.

Open-minded UAE; energetic, forward-thinking and always curious, you might be surprised at the diverse (and at times, utterly wild) adventures you can have in this intriguing country.

One such place is Ras Al Khaimah. It features Jais Flight, the world’s longest zipline. Its wire spans 2.83km, or the equivalent of flying the length of 28 football pitches. Hurtling down head-first, reaching top speeds of 160km per hour.

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You’ll be so fast, it will be like time travel. (Image Copyright RAKTDA)
The UAE is nothing but thrilling when it comes to active fun.
And don’t forget UAE’s incredible history. So much to see and do.
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